As we headed across the alps with a cat in our train car (see Munich Blog Post) we approached the island city of Venice. The difference in scenery from the mountains to ocean was a great train route.

The first two nights in Venice Morgan and I spent without my parents. We wandered around the streets and got lost more than a few times! The canals were all majestic as the sun began to set.

The first day with my parents was great, we got an upgrade from a hostel with no A/C. We took a walking tour around Venice and we went in our first gondola across the grand canal.

During the tour we saw the history of Venice and many different back roads that the locals use. We toured the farmer’s market, where we got some great peaches.

Our apartment we were staying in was in the perfect location right next to St. Mark’s Square. It provided a great home base and the best view of all the sights at dusk.

We made a day trip to the glass blowing island of Murano, where many fine pieces of glass are hand made. We visited a glassblowing shop with a live demonstration of a vase and horse- it was spectacular to see live.

The final thing we did in Venice was a true gondola ride around the city. We went under tiny bridges in canals that were so skinny they only fit two boats wide. We popped out to the grand canal for an unforgettable sunset.