Scenic Switzerland

We took the train from Barcelona to Bern, Switzerland that took a couple of hours. We were surprised by not needing to reserve a seat on the second leg of our journey- something that we had grown accustom to in France.

Once in Switzerland I talked to our Airbnb host about what time we would be arriving, he said he would like us to show up before 7PM or after 10PM as he had plans. We decided to show up around 9PM to the small village to make sure we made it there in time. Who knew Switzerland got dark so fast?

After meeting our host we decided to get up early the next day and head back into Bern to explore some more. We found the Bern-Münster Cathedral and bought tickets to climb to the top of it.

We climbed up a stair case that was over 100 steps and only about one person wide! After getting to the top we were dizzy, but we were treated to a great view of Bern.

After visiting around Bern we decided to head over the the Interlaken area. We felt more and more comfortable with our train passes and were able to get there on an extremely scenic route. We lucked out because we were nearly the only ones on our train!

The next day we decided to take the train to the small village of Zermatt that sits at the base of the Matterhorn. This train ride showed us much of the alps including a great view right near the train station.

In Zermatt we were unfortunately not blessed with the best weather and most of the mountains were covered with clouds. We made the most of it by exploring the city and I even tried some of their fresh water from their public drinking fountain.

Switzerland provided us with great scenic views of the Alps and a great train system. It introduced us to a new currency the Swiss Franc. Currently we are on a train to Cologne, Germany our last stop before Hank takes off back to the U.S.