San Diego Spring Break

For my last Spring Break of college I got to travel to San Diego with three of my closest friends. We first hopped on a Southwest plane down to San Diego International Airport.

The first thing we did was visit the Ballast Point Brewery, where I had to try their Sculpin IPA on tap. It's one of my Dad's favorite beers and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to try it on tap. We had beer and some great fish tacos. The atmosphere there was so laid back and it made me more excited for the days to come.

After the great beer we were off to explore! Our first adventure we rented kayaks in La Jolla. While on the kayaks we saw a few sea lions and got to explore near the sea caves. Our guides were a lot of fun and provided a rock solid tour of the surrounding area.

For our next adventure we visited Oceanside pear where the Ironman Triathlon was going on. After we checked that out we rented bikes, something I would highly recommend! It was a great laid back feeling being able to cruise the beach side on a bike.

After all of these adventures we decided it would be nice to just enjoy some sun on the beach. We found a spot without very many people and was able to throw some frisbee. The water was pretty warm and we were able to swim quite a bit.

San Diego was such a treat and a great break from the stress of school. I was glad I got to explore and see as many cool things as I was in just a few days.