Relaxing In Trieste

After hiking so much in Slovenia I really needed a break from walking. I had a train ride to start the healing process but even walking to my hostel I was staying in Trieste hurt. I crashed out in my room and let my feet heal all the first day other than a little exploration of the city for dinner.

From what I read and experienced Trieste is a non-tourist town in Italy mainly used for its large ports. I was in Trieste to catch a ferry to Athens, Greece. The second day was spent exploring trying to find the ticket office my ferry ticket. Right next to the ticket office was a Ancient Roman theater.

After getting a reservation for my ferry to Greece I headed around town to see the sights. The first thing I stumbled on was the ocean, the Adriatic Sea.

Turning around I found the main square, Piazza Unità d’Italia. The nice thing about Trieste that I discovered quickly was there were hardly any tourists. This was a really nice break from big busy cities.

Once I had explored near the sea I decided to head up into the hills to explore the castle and church over looking the city. It was filled with great sculptures and views of the ocean.

After hiking quite a bit I didn’t want to aggravate any of my blisters, so I headed back to the hostel. I met a fellow traveler who had rode his bike all the way from the UK! Much harder then jumping on a train, he was planning on making it to Greece.

The next day I visited the beach with two travelers from Finland. After taking the public transit to an even smaller city with a better beach we got plenty of weird looks and stares from locals. Once on the beach we had a picnic lunch and a relaxing afternoon.

Trieste was a real great city for exactly what I needed, some relaxing. Next I am headed on a 33 hour ferry ride to Patras, Greece to eventually get to Athens.