Pretty Prague

Prague was extremely beautiful filled with many historical monuments and architecture. The first thing we did in Prague was a river cruise tour. It gave us a great vantage point of The Charles Bridge and of the monuments from a different perspective while on the river.

We took a walking tour from the base of Prague in the old town to The Prague Palace on the top of the town. The tour included many great landmarks throughout Prague. Our tour guide informed us with countless truths to urban legends and many interesting historical stories.

During the tour we were recommended to visit the Jewish Museum and Cemetery. The cemetery was overflowing with tomb stones because they stacked bodies 12 high in the graves.

The Jewish Cemetery in Prague was supposedly shares similarities with the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe in Berlin. I can see the resemblance between the two, with the unevenness of tomb stones.

The John Lennon Wall is an ever changing street art exhibit. Even when we were visiting for a quick visit there was a strong smell of spray paint as people were adding their mark on this wall.

The last thing we did was attend the U–21 World Cup Finals. The match was between Sweden and Portugal, with Sweden being the underdog and my personal favorite. The match went tied 0–0 throughout normal and extended time. After two missed penalty kicks from Portugal, Sweden had won!