Only the Best in Budapest

I arrived into Budapest, Hungary on an overnight train at around 8AM. I shared a room with a Hungarian man who didn’t speak much English, but was a great roommate for a night. The train cabin was quite small, but it was surprisingly comfortable! Better than some hostel rooms I’ve stayed in.

Once I got into Hungary I found out they don’t use the Euro, instead they use the Hungarian Forint. This currency was fun because the conversion rate was so high- about 1000 Hungarian Forints is equal to 4 U.S. Dollars.

Once I got some local currency from the ATM, I headed out to take the metro to my hostel which was closer towards the center of Budapest. On the walk from the metro only a block from my hostel is the St. Basilica. It turned out to be a great landmark to find my hostel when I got a little turned around.

After getting situated in my hostel it was dark out, I visited the “Buda” side of town which was across the Duna River from the “Pest” side of town. The Buda Castle, Hungarian Parliament Building, and St. Basilica were all light up with lights that made it look magnificent.

In the morning I decided to go for a big walk on the “Buda” side of town. I started by walking over Chain Bridge to the Buda Castle. In the Buda Castle I visited a history museum that covered the Buda castle and Budapest. The castle had many great fountains, court yards, gardens, and statues.

From the Buda Castle I decided to hike to the Liberty Statue that is on the hill over looking Budapest. The hill that the Liberty Statue rests on was quite a hike, but the views were definitely worth it. The statue is a massive structure that can be seen from nearly anywhere in the city.

Once I had hiked back down from the Liberty Statue I decided to head over to a free walking tour about communism. The tour guide was one of my highlights of Budapest- he was knowledgable, funny and had many personal stories of how communism affected him. I would highly recommend any tour by United Europe Free Tours.

After all of this walking I decided to head back to the hostel and clean up before dinner. After showering I got dinner recommendations from two friends I met in the hostel for an authentic Hungarian restaurant. The food was delicious- duck leg, mashed potatoes, red cabbage, and a fresh Hungarian beer from the tap.

After dinner I met back up with my new hostel friends for a Ruin Bar Pub Crawl. A Ruin Bar is in an abandoned building that is repurposed to be a bar. We met a ton of people from our hostel that were also going on this tour of the pubs.

The last bar we ended at called Instant had four floors, seven dj’s, and 28 different rooms to explore. It was so fun that we lost track of time and walked out when it was light out! On our way home we stopped by the Duna River to watch the sun come up.

With so little sleep the hostel and I group decided to visit the Zéchenyl Bath House. A natural mineral hot springs with over twenty different pools to bath in. The pools all had different mineral and temperature combinations. Going from a cold plunge pool at 18 Celsius to a steaming sauna was exhilarating. It was also nice to hang outside and relax by the pool for a bit.

After the pool we visited another Hungarian restaurant with fantastic goulash. Once we made it back to our hostel I had to decide where to go next. After looking at a map and the train time tables I’ve decided to visit Ljubljana, Slovenia for the next three days.

Budapest was filled with fun, history, and friendly locals that made my stay fantastic.