New Travel Buddy In Paris

My new travel partner Morgan and I met in Paris on June 17th. My flight from Athens sounded much easier then the entire day of travel filled with delays that Morgan had to endure. Nevertheless, we were in Paris together!

One of the first things we did was visit The Louvre to see many masterpieces. Some of the artwork I recognized from school textbooks. The paintings were much bigger and impressive then textbook photos.

The Louvre was so large we barley toured any of it in four hours! After lunch we visited the Musée d’Orsay which housed another large collection of impressive and well known art. It was also a unique building set in an old train station with a ton of natural light.

After a long day of museums we met up with Morgan’s cousin, girlfriend, and some of her cousin’s friends for dinner. We went to a traditional French restaurant where we ate snails and duck liver!

After the French dinner we experienced some of Paris’ nightlife, after a short nights rest we visited some more sights. First we visited the Notre Dame Cathedral.

After the Notre Dame Cathedral we visited the Sainte-Chapelle. The Sainte-Chapelle was filled with stained glass windows on all walls with differing biblical and historical stories on each stained glass panel.

After the churches we visited the Pompidou, a modern art museum. It had a great view of all of Paris, including the Eiffel Tower.

The next day we visited the Palace of Versailles, it was massive! The inside of the palace was extremely elegant with every inch decorated.

The outside was a massive garden and with many fountains. Morgan and I walked around for a few hours finding something beautiful at every turn. The garden was filled with different ponds, fountains, and buildings.

After wandering around Versailles we did a free walking tour. The tour was filled with fun stories right next to our hostel. The church on the top of the hill gave us great views of the city of Paris.

The last thing we had to do in Paris was see the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. The font desk guide at our hostel told us about going to the sights later at night to miss more of the massive crowds of tourists. The Arc de Triomphe was massive in person!

In movies and pictures the Eiffel Tower looks large, but in person it’s even more impressive. We got to the tower just in time to see it sparkle.

Paris was filled with so many great landmarks and museums it was a little overwhelming. After all of this sightseeing Morgan and I are taking a train to Berlin for our second stop together.