Munich and Dachau

Morgan and I took the train from Austria back to Germany for the last time of our trip when we visited Munich. Munich is our last stop on our journey before Italy, where we will be meeting our parents.

The difference between Berlin and Munich is quite drastic. The people of Berlin after World War II decided to rebuild their city with modern buildings and not recreate historical monuments in some areas. The exact opposite happened in Munich, the citizens decided to rebuild everything as it was before the destruction of war.

After a walking tour and some exploring near our hotel Morgan and I visited the Hofbräuhaus. The most famous (and touristy) biergarten in Munich. Although it is touristy, the Hofbräuhaus is unforgettable.

The next day we took the metro to the city of Dachau- home of the Dachau concentration camp. The camp was a sobering experience that made you think about the violence man can inflict on fellow man.

The most sickening place in the concentration camp was the crematorium. The original ovens used to discard bodies were still intact at Dachau.

Munich was filled with historical beauty and lots of beer. The next stop on our trip is Venice, Italy where we will meet my parents. The train through the Alps is filled with majestic mountains and also a cat in our train car!