Ich bin ein Berliner

The train from Paris to Berlin was not terribly long, but did require us to wake up at 5AM! After an early wake up and a half day on the train we were finally in Berlin. Our hostel room was called the “super dorm” because it had twelve beds, two bathrooms, and a kitchen. It was a really nice set up, even when having to share with 11 other people.

We cleaned up we headed out to find some dinner in a nearby neighborhood. We had heard there would be various bands and performances throughout the city for some sort of music day. After dinner we wandered into a park and found a full on free concert put on by Red Bull.

After our first night in the hostel we decided to go on a free walking tour of Berlin to familiarize ourselves with the city. One of the first things we saw was the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. An extremely thought provoking memorial.

We then visited Checkpoint Charlie, the gate between Eastern and Western Germany when the Berlin Wall was up. After a little bit more walking we visited a piece of the wall that was still standing.

After the walking tour we visited a few museums on museum island, the central location for museums in Berlin. One of my favorite pieces was the “Gold Hat” which had astronomical calculations of eclipses engraved on it.

The walking tour and multiple museums left us in need of a siesta. After a little nap we visited the two top rated and suggested food stands in Berlin- one serving curry wurst and the other kebabs. They were quite delicious, especially the kebab.

The next day we visited the Reichstag Building and Brandenburg Gate. Near the Reichstag Building we saw Queen Elizabeth in her motorcade by accident! The Reichstag Building is home to the German Parliament- the Bundestag.

The glass dome is accessible to the public and provided great views of Berlin.

After the tour of the Reichstag Building we went on an alternative walking tour. This tour was to explore the alternative subculture in Berlin. Street art, clubs, and alternative lifestyles are all welcome in Berlin. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from our tour.

The tour ended at the East Side Gallery, a large section of the Berlin Wall that is decorated with street art.

The last thing we did in Berlin was a night out to explore some biergartens and clubs. The biergarten we visited was right on a small river.

After the biergarten we started to explore the different clubs of Berlin. After a few clubs and a kebab we ended up at the well known Watergate Club.

Of all the cities I have visited Berlin felt like the one place I could move to. The welcoming people, music scene, and city itself seemed like somewhere I could enjoy spending more time.