Hong Kong

Hong Kong was the first stop on my companies "Offshore" 2015 trip. A work trip that takes us to a different place to work as a team together to build something cool in a month. The flight over the Pacific was long as expected but surprisingly enjoyable knowing I would be in such a different world then one I was used to.

The flight had great food, including some decent hot sauce! I would recommend Asiana Airline to anyone looking for a cheap and decent economy seat.

The one thing I wanted to do while in Hong Kong for the short amount of time that we were visiting was to see the Tian Tan Buddha. It is a giant statue of a Sakyamuni Buddha on the out skirts of Hong Kong. You take a cable car up a mountain to reach the base of the statue. Then you have to climb quite a few flights of stairs to reach the top of the mountain where the Buddha is situated.

After seeing the Buddha we continued to explore the city. The famous Ladies Market was really fun to explore and see the different things for sale. The city was exciting with the lights and new culture. The people are very helpful and nice for such a large city.