¡Hola Madrid!

Once we got to Madrid we had the challenge of finding a place to stay using some very unreliable wifi in the train station. After an hour or two of trying to connect and reconnect to the wifi we finally figured it out. We got to where we were going to stay and decided to walk around a little after our long train day.

We stumbled upon the Royal Palace of Spain in less than a kilometer from our hotel.

After walking this far we continued to walk until we found a restaurant to get some beer. I learned how to order dos cervezas, por favor and to ask for the bill. Everyone in Madrid had been so extremely welcoming and helpful even with the language barrier. After a few cheap bears we found a smaller restaurant on a side street where we tried the croquettes and a ham dish.

We woke up early and continued to walk around with the goal to buy bull fighting tickets and to get a picnic lunch. We had a great lunch in the Buen Retiro Park in the middle of Madrid with a loaf of bread, cheese, and ham. The park was massive, with a ton of trees, fountains and other statues.

After this pretty long day we found dinner, ready for a good sleep after walking many kilometers. When we woke up I decided to go to a Museum- after some research I found out the Museums were free that day (May 18th) due to International Museum Day. I visited the Museo Del Prado which was quite amazing. Many great pieces from Spanish artists and artists throughout the world from all different time periods.

After seeing a ton of art we headed to the bull fight around 18:00 (6 PM). We walked quite a ways, but once we arrived at the fight we were quite shocked at what we had just walked in on. A large circle stadium with tons of spectators. We got great tickets considering we only paid €8, although we had to sit in the sun for the two first fights.

After the Bull Fight we decided that heading to bed a little early 23:00 (11 PM) would be a good decision for our train early in the morning to Barcelona. We woke up and walked to the train station and got reservations for our train.

Overall, the three days I spent in Madrid, Spain were filled with new experiences with welcoming people from Spain.