Great Times In Greece

In Trieste, Italy one of my main goals was to get a ferry ticket to Athens, Greece. The Eurail pass I purchased enabled me to travel for no charge on the deck of the ferry. In Trieste at the booking office I got a deck seat reserved, but not until the day of the cruise I would receive my actual ticket.

The ferry was leaving the port at 4AM, the port was an hour walk, so I got very little sleep having to wake up at 2:30AM. Once I got to the port I was one of a few who walked onto the ferry, there were many trucks, motorcycles and cars.

One thing I didn’t realize until aboard the ship was the length of my trip. I had no bed and really no where safe to place my backpack for 33 hours. I lucked out and found a room that had an empty row of chairs and slept for quite awhile. After I couldn’t sleep anymore I got three meals and another nights rest. Once I woke up in the morning after a rough nights sleep we were pretty close to Patras, my final port.

Once in the port I took a bus to the bus station, then a bus to Athens, and then finally a local bus to near my hostel. Once I got into my hostel it was dark- I said hi to the roommates and went to bed.

I woke up in the morning and started to plan out my five days left in Athens. The first thing I visited was the National Archaeological Museum which was a short walking distance from my hostel.

After the Museum I explored Athens near my hostel and continued to plan out my next couple of days. I decided to find a free walking tour to get myself acquainted with the city. The walking tour was great! Only 7 people total, much less than I was used to on previous tours. The tour guide took us all around, including a small village modeled after a Greek Island.

After the three and a half hour tour I was beat. In Trieste I was introduced to gelato and quickly was hooked. I found the best gelato shop in Athens with its great view of the Acropolis.

After some gelato I found a local Greek restaurant near my hostel. Greek food was growing on me, the simple ingredients and mass quantities of olive oil was delicious.

The next thing I wanted to do was to visit the Acropolis Museum. I was told the museum was a good introduction to the Acropolis. After exploring the museum I made the hike to the top of the Acropolis, once at the top you are greeted with a great view of the Parthenon.

The view from the top of the Acropolis was superb! You could see for miles and miles in any direction.

Walking down the Acropolis also have great views of Athens. The entire structure is hard to put into words or photos because of the massive scale.

After viewing some more of the ruins I decided to go to bed early to wake up for my adventure to a Greek Island. I decided to go to the island of Aegina because of the close distance to Athens to allow me to spend the maximum time on the island. I took a sweet boat called a Flying Dolphin to Aegina.

Once on the island I decided to rent a moped. The driving of the moped was pretty similar to riding a dirt bike but it was different driving culture then I was used to. Luckily there was very little traffic on the island and I was able to drive slow to see the beautiful beaches.

The water surrounding the island and all of the beaches were so clear you could see everything! The fish and rocks were all easily visible from the surface.

After relaxing on the beach and swimming in the clear ocean water I decided to head to an Ancient Greek temple on the top of the mountain overlooking Aegina. The road up to the Temple of Aphaia was a twisty route which was fun to ride up. Once on top you could nearly see the entire island and the open ocean. The ruins were impressive and empty with no one else at them!

After the long day of riding the moped and relaxing in the sun I headed back to my hostel on another Flying Dolphin. The next morning I fly to Paris to meet up with my new travel companion- Morgan. I’m excited for the next leg of my trip to explore Paris some more!

Greece was filled with welcoming and friendly people that truly made my stay.