Fly home from Rome

The last stop in my two month Europe trip was to Rome. We traveled to Rome from Florence on a great train. Once we were in Rome we checked into our sweet artist decorated apartment. When it cooled down in the afternoon we went for a walk to the square closest to our place.

After such a great tour guide in Florence we were interested to see how our new tour guide in Rome would compare. We met our tour guide Susie before heading to the Colosseum early in the morning. The size of the Colosseum is hard to put in photos because it's just too big! It was interesting learning about the different history of the Colosseum because the ruins we see today is quite different than when it was built.

After touring the Colosseum we visited the Baths of Caracalla, a massive Roman public bath. These baths played an important role in Roman life. Much of the bath structurally is somewhat in tact even though it was built 1800 years ago.

After visiting the baths and having lunch we visited the Pantheon- one of the most impressive buildings I saw on my entire trip. The most mind-boggling part of the building is that it was finished in 126 AD, making it 1889 years old! The construction of the Pantheon's interior with a large oculus allowed in a giant beam of natural light.

After walking in the heat in the middle of July our tour guide switched it up and took us to catacomb, an underground burial site. The entire experience was quite spooky, but it was a great break from the sun as underground it was cool.

The last thing we saw during our day was the Imperial Forums, an extremely impressive display of ruins that once were the center of Rome. They were the center of political and economic debates. They take a strong imagination to figure out what they used to be, but luckily our guide had a great picture book to help us understand.

The last day in Rome we visited the Vatican early in the morning to see the city, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica. The Sistine Chapel was magnificent- unfortunately, no photos allowed. The size of the paintings and decorations back in 1482 would be quite a spectacle, even today they are the most impressive piece of art I have ever seen. St. Peters Basilica is the largest church in the world, when you walk in it really takes your breath away. The use of light and scale of the statues are on a different level.

Rome had so much history and art it was hard to digest it all! The time I spent in Rome and all of Europe has taught more than I ever imagined. Thanks for following my blog on my first European adventure, stay tuned for my next trip!