Fabulous Florence

Morgan, my parents, and I took the train from Venice to Florence. The weather was extremely hot and humid while in Venice so we were hoping for better weather in Florence. Also, in Florence we were meeting Morgan’s parents to join our travel group.

Once we got into our apartment we saw the great view of The Duomo right from our terrace. Later in the week we climbed up the dome to the top!

We lucked out in Florence with the best tour guide. He led us to see the beautiful city and magnificent art.

The next day we toured outside of the city to a small village, Siena.

Siena has a church that The Duomo was styled after.

The library of the church was extraordinarily decorated with a magnificent crown molding and fresco.

After touring Siena we went to a family run Tuscan winery for some wine tasting. Not only was the wine good, but the scenery was astounding.

Florence was filled with great food, good laughs, and unforgettable sights. The last stop for my trip is Rome. The last train trip is quite bittersweet, with so much of my time spent on the train I got used to the ease of train travel.

As the days count closer to my next adventure (work), I can see why people say you can’t always be on vacation. The constant travel can really drain your energy, I am looking forward to a recharge before I find a new home in San Francisco.