Summary of Summer Europe Trip

After I told the stories and highlights of my two month trip it let me reflect more on what I really had seen while in Europe. While in the moment it is easy to take the art, food, and culture for granted. I was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to travel in the way I did.

Here is a summary of my trip:

  • Visited 14 countries
  • Explored over 30+ cities
  • Spent over two months abroad
  • Flew over 10,000+ miles in an airplane

I created this interactive Google Map of my travels during this trip, after visualizing the distance that I traveled I was quite astonished.

Map Legend:

  • Yellow Lines: Trains
  • Red Lines: Flights
  • Blue Lines: Buses or Car
  • Purple Lines: Boats
  • Stars: Favorite Cities (Athens, Berlin, and Madrid)