Bye Bye Boise

I often got the question “So.. Why Boise State?” For many locals of the state of Idaho it’s just another place they call home. There aren’t many people who can place Idaho on a map, either thinking it’s Iowa or Illinios. However, for me Idaho and the great city of Boise will forever hold a special part in my life.

In Boise I made life long friendships. The people are naturally nice and caring- a refresh from the bustling cities I had encountered when growing up.

Evan and I, roommates and best friends for four years

The amazing part about the question “So.. Why Boise State?” Was I had little idea myself why I chose Boise State my first week. I was pushed out of my comfort zone living in a new state, building, and bed. My first week was spent at band camp for Boise State Blue Thunder Marching Band. Marching Band was one of the peices of Boise State that made me fall in love with Boise. We worked our tails off for more than ten hours a day in 100 degree heat. This was all worth the hard work after that first step out into the screaming crowd.

Blue Thunder Marching Band

I got to explore the entire state of Idaho that has so much to explore in the outdoors. I learned how to ski at Bogus Basin.

I got to continue my love for mountain biking on one of the gnarliest trails I’ve ever rode around Red Fish lake.

Redfish Lake

I got to explore the great camping, hiking and backpacking that Idaho had to offer. We ran into exciting weather on multiple occasions!

Backpacking in the Sawtooth Mountain Range

I learned a ton about the people of Idaho and the differences quickly from those who I had grown up with.

Boise State unfortunately was not all just play, I also fell in love with my profession of Computer Science. I lucked out and picked a major that I truly do enjoy. I participated in the Bronco Appathon for four years- an extra-curricular 72 hour coding hack-a-thon. After seeing what others had produced and the level that I had progressed to in such a short time I was hooked.

Boise State Appathon 2015

I continued my development with multiple jobs until I found First To File in downtown Boise. I was an intern in the literal sense by starting work in the Break Room/Lunch Room/Server Room. The amount I learned there still amazes me to this day. First To File eventually moved to one of the nicest offices in Boise (hard to beat a pool table and two massage chairs). I moved out of the Break Room and onto larger projects continuing to hone my skills as a developer.

Before I knew it in a blink of an eye my time had run dry in Boise. It was time to travel the world and move my development talents to a place with more opportunity in San Francisco. Graduations and goodbyes are always bitter sweet. Thanks for a wild and unforgettable four years Boise.