Buying Flights to Europe

A few quick notes on how I bought my flight to Europe:

  • Skyscanner- is a great website with an awesome email alert showing the price change from the previous day. I have been using it to try to predict when the price will go up or down. (I found a flight from Oakland to Amsterdam for under $263, but I did not pull the trigger!)
  • Prepare your Bank account- I forgot to raise my spending limit and forgot to alert my bank of spending. This bounced the payment and I was unable to get the flight at the price I wanted. Also adding insult to injury I visited a pizza restaurant with friends and found out the hard way that my card had been flagged for fraud.
  • Compare the currency- I noticed on Norwegian if you book using the Euro and let your bank convert you will save quite a bit! 
  • Check the Fees- on cheaper flights, nothing will come for free! Meals, reserving your seat and checking bags will all come at a price.
  • Be Flexible- On Norwegian Air there is a fee calendar telling you when the cheapest flights are. If I move my return date back a week I could save a substantial amount. 
  • Pull the trigger- I bought my flight when I felt comfortable with my travel partners and when I was ready!